Every parent has a dream for their child. As the child becomes a teenager, a parent’s dream can become a distant memory as the struggle with teen behavior and teen drug abuse takes over. Likewise, every child-turned-teenager has dreams for their future too. Although the teen may find it difficult to navigate through the peer pressure, media influence, academic stress and maturation stages, most teens still remember their dreams for the future. We must remember that every teen is still a child with a dream. Teen drug abuse and teen addiction can steal a parent and child’s dreams for their future. Inspirations Teen Drug Rehab is a teen treatment center working with families and teenagers to restore their dreams and save the lives of teens.

Inspirations for Youth and Families aka Inspirations Teen Drug Rehab, is a nationally recognized, licensed residential addiction treatment center, for teens ages 14 to 18 and their families, who are struggling with the chaos of teen behaviors combined with drug or alcohol use, abuse, or addiction. At Inspirations Teen Drug Rehab we understand your concern for your teenager and the changing behaviors causing heartbreak and fear for your teen’s safety and future.

Inspirations’ teen addiction treatment center focuses on all aspects of teen behavioral issues. Family is the cornerstone of Inspirations’ teen drug rehab center. Teens attending Inspirations are using or abusing drugs, often beginning with marijuana. Often, marijuana is the only drug or substance used by a teen. However, drug use becomes drug abuse and eventually leads to drug addiction. Marijuana historically leads to other drugs. Drugs combined with behaviors that demonstrate disrespect for parents, home rules, boundaries, and lack of accountability for actions, are typically an explosive combination that leads to significant and sometimes irreversible consequences.

Inspirations Teen Drug Rehab designed a treatment center and treatment programs that provide addiction prevention, as well as treatment and aftercare services. For those teens that have moved beyond drug abuse, Inspirations’ teen drug rehab provides recovery that meets teenagers at their place in life. In designing our teen addiction treatment programs, emphasis has been put on helping the teen and family establish recovery and learn the life skills necessary for the teen reach personal goals, academic goals, gain the insight and ability to hold one’s self accountable for decisions and actions, as well as capable of making appropriate choices, living a life without drugs or alcohol impairment.

The teenage years are the most critical academic years for the preparation of high school graduation, college acceptance, and/or technical training for career placement.

For all treatment needs and levels of care, Inspirations Teen Drug Rehab employs a team of qualified and caring teen addiction treatment professionals, offering a Treatment Program for Adolescents/Teens, who are demonstrating destructive, rebellious, and defiant behaviors resulting in personal and family dysfunction. Our goal in teen addiction treatment is to treat the disease, build the teen’s self confidence and reunite the family.

Our teen addiction treatment programs are designed around a positive environment to boost the teens self-esteem and produce long term results. Our teen addiction treatment combines a motivational program with the “accountability” concept, emphasizing, respect for family, respect for others, and a teamwork approach towards daily goals and accomplishments.

During your teens enrollment to our Teen Addiction Treatment Center we will tailor a personal educational plan for your teenager. Inspirations for Youth and Families offer an “On-Site” Preparatory format school program in order for our teens to maintain High School Credits.