K2 mimics the effects of marijuana and has gained popularity for such copycat abilities. Spice or K2 has a strand that mimics THC the active ingredient of marijuana. However spice is a more dangerous drug than marijuana. K2 is the brand name and can be bought online or in smoke shops. The legal pot was really created by a medical scientist and it was supposed to help a medical condition, however it was deemed to dangerous. The mimic THC, is a hundred times more potent than weed. The higher potency is cause for concern.
K2 is typically sold in small, silvery plastic bags of dried leaves and marketed as incense that can be smoked. It is said to resemble potpourri.

Street Names: Bliss, Black Mamba, Bombay Blue, Fake Weed, Genie, Spice, Zohai

Methods of Use
K2 products are usually smoked in joints or pipes, but some users make it into a tea.

Effect on the Mind
Psychological effects are similar to those of marijuana and include paranoia, panic attacks, and giddiness.

Effect on the Body
Physiological effects of K2 include increased heart rate and increase of blood pressure. It appears to be stored in the body for long periods of time, and therefore the long-term effects on humans are not fully known.