Adolescent Drug Rehab – Music Therapy

Creating Music Videos as a Therapeutic Intervention for Chemically Dependent Teens

Music video group combines the process of creating a music video with theme centered therapy and analysis of group participation. The music facilitates group discussion and provides the context for interaction. Video is used to examine participants’ roles and group process, as well as to create the product of a music video.

Program Description
The purpose of music video group is to improve self expression and group interaction skills through the use of music, art, drama, and video. Chemically dependent adolescents are asked to bring a song to group that reflects individual or group themes. The music serves as a non-threatening vehicle to express feelings related to addiction, facilitates group discussion, and provides the foundation for a screenplay of the music video. Drama exercises are used to facilitate group interaction and self expression. Video is used to record the process of the group as well as the product.

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