Teen Addiction Treatment – Sober Life, Sober Choices

Life Skills Program – Helping Teens Overcome Challenges
In addition to our therapeutic addiction treatment program, our adolescent rehab provides a unique Sober Life, Sober Choices Program. Sober Life, Sober Choices occurs during the Residential hours. Residential living is a critical component for Teen Drug Abuse and Teen Addiction Treatment, as it fosters independence, responsibility, and accountability. Inspirations’ Residences are created to simulate a home environment with shared living, kitchen, family room, flat screen television, and outdoor recreation.
Sober Life, Sober Choices is a “Life Skills” Program, focusing on daily life skills, developing sober choices, creating a sober life environment, and learning how to have sober fun. During Inspirations’ Life Skills Program, teens learn, practice and share, household tasks such as: cleaning, meal planning, meal preparation and washing their laundry. Our goal with the Life Skills Program is not only to teach our teens how to perform daily living skills but also to encourage personal accountability and to help teens develop a team approach to living within the context of a family. By involving our teens in household tasks, we are providing them with an opportunity for communication, problem solving, role modeling, and team building skills.

Sober Fun at Inspirations Teen Rehab
Replacing Time Once Spent Making Negative Choices with Positive Fun Choices
Teaching our teens to have “Sober” fun without drugs and alcohol is an important step in our adolescent substance abuse therapy and recovery process. Inspirations’ approach to teen drug treatment and teen therapy through sports and recreational activities, provides our teens with the opportunity to rekindle or learn new skills, develop physical fitness,and expand their minds with new experiences. Since exercise triggers the brain’s natural “feel good” (endorphin) chemical, enjoyable physical activities are encouraged for lifelong recovery from substance use, substance abuse, or addiction. Inspirations’ teens in recovery enjoy sports and recreational therapy activities such as:

• Weight Training
• Tennis
• Volleyball
• Yoga
• Basketball
• Bowling
• Ice Skating
• Movie Night
• Snorkeling
• Seasonal Community Activities

To complete our SOBER FUN PROGRAM , our teens in recovery participate in cultural art events and in local environmental activities. Inspirations’ teens in recovery can enjoy our environmental educational trips which are provided through community classes, seminars, workshops, field trips, interpretive displays, visual presentations and research.Some of our educational trips include a day at the fire station, natural disaster and hurricane preparedness shelter demonstrations, beach preservation and natural sea life protection.Volunteering in Teen Addiction Recovery at Inspirations Teen Rehab
Drug use, drug abuse, and addiction are often characterized by selfishness and a lack of accountability to others. Therefore, Inspirations’ incorporated an opportunity for teens to develop a sense of community, accountability, and unity through volunteering. An important part of Inspirations’ teen drug rehab program is our volunteering services performed by our teens in recovery. By encouraging our teens to help our community through local community services we are fostering accountability and self esteem, which is the foundation for “giving back” and awareness of our global position.
Each community volunteer activity is guided by Inspirations’ adult staff and occurs in a structured environment with adult supervision. Some volunteer opportunities at our teen drug rehab include packing and distributing food at the food bank, packing food for the homeless, and working at the animal shelter.

“SOBER LIFE, SOBER CHOICES” is an ongoing, evolving skill, one in which Inspirations encourages each teen to challenge themselves, embark upon and incorporate in a daily life recovery program.”

We at Inspirations Teen Rehab understand the unique challenges of being a parent. If you have any questions, please know that we are here to provide you with support and guidance, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We welcome the opportunity to answer your questions free of charge about teen drug rehab, teen substance abuse, adolescent addiction, teen interventionteen behavior, teen depression or other related matters.